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The Service

The NEW National Mobility Registration scheme has been created by the National Federation of Shopmobility. If you use a mobility vehicle you will know how devastating it would be, and the negative impact on your independence, if your vehicle was stolen. The new registration aims to help prevent theft by individuals registering their vehicle with the scheme and attaching a unique identity number. The register will enable us to work with police forces nationally to help recover your vehicle and reunite it with you. They will be able to contact us directly, quote your unique registration number, allowing us to help you to get in touch with them. The database is secure and will NOT be accessible by the police, but we will be working together to try and reduce incidents of mobility vehicle theft.

Previously, it has been almost impossible to reunite an owner with their mobility vehicle, especially if it crossed a county border, as thefts reported in one county are not easily traced in another. If registered with National Mobility Registration the police forces can request details of the mobility vehicle and get the vehicle back to its rightful owner. We will access your contact details and put you in touch with the relevant police force, wherever you are in the country.

How did the scheme start:

Initially the scheme originated at Littlehampton Shopmobility due to the level of mobility scooter theft in their area.The registration scheme grew and gained support from Sussex Police and the community crime prevention team. Littlehampton saw the value in this being rolled out as a national scheme to benefit many people across the country.

Littlehampton Shopmobility and the NFSUK meet to discuss the NMR

They contacted the National Federation of Shopmobility (NFSUK) of which they are members and asked for help to take the scheme national. This has resulted in the launch of the National Mobility Registration scheme.

Chairman Ray Hodgkinson – MBE immediately saw a synergy between NFSUK and a National Mobility Registration scheme and was happy for NFSUK to take the lead on creating the database and website to support it.

Please make other mobility vehicle users aware of the scheme.

The Stats

Figures obtained through the Freedom of Information Act revealedat least 517 mobility scooter were stolen in 2015 across England and Wales, with only 22% recovered.

Of these thefts, only 17 arrests were made and only 3 charges were brought against the culprits.

The total estimate of unrecoverable vehicles was valued at £615,730 and left 271 people without their mobility vehicle and independence.

The first registration in Littlehampton

Our aim at the NFSUK  is that the National Mobility Register will:-

  • Act as a deterrent and prevent the number of thefts rising
  • Aid in decreasing thefts
  • Increase the number of vehicles recovered and reunited with their owners.

The NFSUK is a company owned by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) who are the only healthcare trade association to have a Code of Practice endorsed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.