NEW lifetime registration now avilable

Following our first year anniversary of the NMR, we have been looking at ways to upgrade the service and make it even simpler for you to join. That’s why we are now introducing the Lifetime Registration.

The Lifetime Registration means that you can register your vehicle for £35 and your registration will remain valid until you scrap or sell the scooter on.

Currently, we can only take Lifetime payments over the phone as some work needs to be done on the website to allow for the change.

Ways to register:

Online > pay £12 per year

Online > pay £12, call us at any point within 12 months to upgrade and pay the extra £23

Register online but stop when you get to the payment page > call us on 01933 229644  (between 9:30-3:30 Mon-Fri) and we can take the £35 over the phone.

Call us and register over the phone for either the £12 annual or the £35 lifetime registration.

Currently participating schemes can only register for the annual registration again you can call us to pay the difference over the phone if you wish to upgrade.

If you are already registered with us you can call us to upgrade to Lifetime Registration. 01933 229644.

Scooters Stolen in Northamptonshire

ConnectFMRadio image

Connect FM Radio announced two mobility scooter thefts in the last 7 days. One scooter was stolen in Wellingborough and the other from Rothwell. We urge all mobility scooter owners to register their vehicle with us at the NMR so that we can help prevent the thefts and increase the chances of recovery should a theft occur.

For just £1 a month you can register your Mobility Scooter or Power Chair. This is a small price to pay for extra protection of your independence. Those who own mobility scooters no how vital they are to their everyday lives. It is the difference between getting out into the world or feeling trapped in your own home. It’s the difference between getting your own shopping or feeling like you are inconveniencing family or friends to shop for you. It’s the difference between getting your self to an appointment or having to try and get a ring and ride service to take you. It’s relying on yourself instead of relying on everyone else and that quite simply is freedom.

If you know someone with a scooter who hasn’t registered with us please let them know about us and what we do.

VAAC Supports the NMR

We were featured in the Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester email last week. So we wanted to give them a public thank you for their support. VAAC was a great supporter of the idea that was born in Littlehampton and we were able to meet with them when the NFSUK visited to discover more about the reasons behind the registration.

When Marjorie a Littlehampton resident had her scooter stolen from outside the supermarket where she was shopping she headed directly to the Littlehampton shopmobility just around the corner. Distressed she told June the manager what had happened. It was this incident which prompted Chairman, Alan Gammon, to put on his thinking cap and work out how such crimes against some of the most vulnerable of our society could be prevented and if not prevented at least increase the chances of reuniting owner and scooter. Convinced their idea should be open to scooter owners across the entire UK Littlehampton reached out to their membership organisation, Us the NFSUK to see if it was something we could roll out to the entire NFSUK membership.

Shopmobility schemes are on average severely underfunded the services offer mobility equipment to anyone who has a mobility impairment either temporary or permanent. This service is a vital life line to those who use it enabling them to maintain their independence and do their own shopping, choosing the brands that suit them rather than what someone else buys for them. It enables them to socialise and go for lunch with friends instead of only having the option to have friends to their home. All this increases the spend of the purple pound. But still, the funding gets cut. Shopmobiltiies, therefore, have to look at new revenues for income and the NFSUK are passionate about finding ways to support both the schemes and the disabled community. The NMR is the perfect way to do both. Every registration means another scooter protected and every scooter protected means extra income for the nominate scheme.

Power chairs can also be registered on the site so if you own a power chair and feel this might help protect your chair you can register too. Power chair thefts are a lot rarer than scooter thefts as generally, people don’t leave their chairs in the same way they would a scooter. However, everyone is individual and your chair use may differ from someone else’s, if you feel the registration is applicable to your use then please register and help support the shopmobility in your area.

Tom Hillier Deadline Looms Vote Today

The National Federation of Shopmobility is counting down to the deadline for this year’s Tom Hillier Awards. This year the award will be presented to the Shopmobility that has shown, by public nomination, that they have gone above and beyond for their clients. It will be awarded at the prestigious British Healthcare Trades Awards Dinner held in London on the 30th of November where the compere for the evening will be Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE. The evening is extra special as it marks the climax of the host company’s (the British Healthcare Trades Association) 100th-year celebrations. The BHTA have celebrated the 100 years with various events throughout 2017, including the annual golf day and afternoon tea at the house of lords scheduled for September as well as the publication of a book marking the BHTA’s evolution over the century. If you use a shopmobility scheme you can nominate them by filling in this quick questionnaire CLICK HERE

Steptember – Stepping out in September

The NFSUK office is proud to be taking part in Steptember. It is the brainchild of the  British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and one of their 15 sections the Stairlifts and Access Section. This section and some of the BHTA staff will be aiming to complete 10,000 each per day for the entire month of September. The challenge has been laid down to the entire membership body to join in. We hope many members will take advantage of the opportunity to increase their steps and help the chosen charity. We will be challenging ourselves to do this to raise money for the charity SCOPE who provide support, information, and advice to disabled people and their families.

So if you wish to support us by making a donation to our fundraising effort please follow the link HERE and donate. Please also consider sharing this with your friends and family every little helps.

Three Months in…

We are three months in and the registration is growing steadily. Shopmobility
schemes have seen the advantage of having their vehicle details held in a central location and have been registering their own scooters.

The public has been calling, asking questions and registering their scooters. We are connecting with the police and the press. So far so good. The registration has two primary aims:

  1. Help you protect your vehicle from theft and aid the police in vehicle recovery.
  2. Help shopmobility schemes self-fund to stop them having to rely so heavily on council/ government grants.

Every registration helps us to help you and help our member schemes. Let your friends know let you family know, let your neighbours know. Anyone who has a vehicle should consider registering. For only £1 a month, it’s a bargain for the added protection it brings. The NFSUK has 160 member schemes across the UK and the British Channel Islands. Many

The NFSUK has 160 member schemes across the UK and the British Channel Islands. Many of these schemes are solely reliant on government funds and fundraising efforts. These pools are running dry which means Shopmobility schemes across the country are struggling to stay open. Many people struggle to donate as every penny counts and that is why we are promoting the NMR. The NMR gives you something for your money and your money will directly help a scheme.

Many people struggle to donate as every penny counts and that is why we are promoting the NMR. The NMR gives you something for your money, peace of mind, added safeguard against theft, assistance in vehicle recovery and in turn your money will directly help a scheme.