Steptember – Stepping out in September

The NFSUK office is proud to be taking part in Steptember. It is the brainchild of the  British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and one of their 15 sections the Stairlifts and Access Section. This section and some of the BHTA staff will be aiming to complete 10,000 each per day for the entire month of September. The challenge has been laid down to the entire membership body to join in. We hope many members will take advantage of the opportunity to increase their steps and help the chosen charity. We will be challenging ourselves to do this to raise money for the charity SCOPE who provide support, information, and advice to disabled people and their families.

So if you wish to support us by making a donation to our fundraising effort please follow the link HERE and donate. Please also consider sharing this with your friends and family every little helps.

Three Months in…

We are three months in and the registration is growing steadily. Shopmobility
schemes have seen the advantage of having their vehicle details held in a central location and have been registering their own scooters.

The public has been calling, asking questions and registering their scooters. We are connecting with the police and the press. So far so good. The registration has two primary aims:

  1. Help you protect your vehicle from theft and aid the police in vehicle recovery.
  2. Help shopmobility schemes self-fund to stop them having to rely so heavily on council/ government grants.

Every registration helps us to help you and help our member schemes. Let your friends know let you family know, let your neighbours know. Anyone who has a vehicle should consider registering. For only £1 a month, it’s a bargain for the added protection it brings. The NFSUK has 160 member schemes across the UK and the British Channel Islands. Many

The NFSUK has 160 member schemes across the UK and the British Channel Islands. Many of these schemes are solely reliant on government funds and fundraising efforts. These pools are running dry which means Shopmobility schemes across the country are struggling to stay open. Many people struggle to donate as every penny counts and that is why we are promoting the NMR. The NMR gives you something for your money and your money will directly help a scheme.

Many people struggle to donate as every penny counts and that is why we are promoting the NMR. The NMR gives you something for your money, peace of mind, added safeguard against theft, assistance in vehicle recovery and in turn your money will directly help a scheme.

Mobility Roadshow 2017

The Mobility Road Show was a great event this year. Lots of positive feedback from visitors and a great atmosphere across the three days. We had a great time talking to the public about the registration service and why we are offering it as well as letting everyone know who the National Federation of Shopmobility are and who our members are.

Stoneleigh was a great venue, very spacious, ample parking right on the doorstep and the parking staff were really helpful. Inside the information, points were well positioned the eateries were set up well with wheelchair spaces at each table. The toilet facilities were great even having left and right transition on the doors so wheelchair users could choose the one which suited them best before entering.

We were situated in the Hall that contained the sports area and were able to watch wheelchair basketball and wheelchair dancing. Of course, we couldn’t resist joining in on the action for ‘blame it on the boogie’. The aisles were nice and wide allowing vehicle users to get past even if there were visitors stopped on both sides of an aisle which just made it easier for everyone to move around.

We shared the shopmobility directory magazine and the registration scheme and received some positive feedback on our members which is always nice to hear. If you visited the show we hope you had a great time and we hope to see you again next year.

We made it into THIIS Magazine

THIIS (The Homecare Industry Information Service) was launched over 15 years ago and provides a resource for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and professionals working in the homecare, disability, assistive technology and rehabilitation sector.

We are very pleased to see they picked up on our launch and have shared it in their magazine, which, is sent to 1000’s of industry related personnel across the UK.

Find out more about THIIS and read the article HERE.

Disabled Motoring Features the NMR

Disabled Motoring Magazine featured the NMR in their May issue on pg 24. Along with a round up of other exhibitors at Naidex. They focused on the numbers which are quite extraordinary. Don’t think scooter thefts happen? Well, they do and they left over 517 people without their independence, with a theft of over £615,730 worth of equipment. Only 22% were recovered. What’s your independence worth to you? For just £12 a year just £1 a month you can register your vehicle and have peace of mind that if it does go missing there is a much higher chance of it being found and returned. Find out more about Disabled Motoring Magazine HERE and register your vehicle today check out our how to guide first HERE.