Why should I register my mobility vehicle? It’s covered on my house insurance.

The registration isn’t an insurance so if your vehicle is covered under your house insurance that’s great. The register is designed to help the police reunite you and your vehicle if it is stolen. By registering your vehicle you increase your chances of having your vehicle returned to you if stolen. Which means not having to claim on your home insurance, which would mean no unnecessary increase in insurance premiums. (It is also worth checking your home insurance to see how your scooter is covered. How much would they pay out if it were stolen and not recovered? Do they insure it when it is away from your property? If not dedicated scooter insurance providers do exist.)

Who are the NMR?

The National Mobility Register is just a database. It is run by the National Federation of Shopmobility UK. The NFSUK are a membership organisation that supports shopmobility schemes across the UK. Through our work with schemes, we have become highly aware of how important mobility vehicles are to the independence and freedom of the clients they help. With this in mind when a scheme brought the idea of a register to us, we saw the value in that for all of the those who own their own vehicle.

We spent two years working towards bringing the register to life. It is here to support you as a vehicle owner. In protecting your own vehicle you will also be helping the NFSUK membership continue to support those who need to borrow vehicles due to a mobility impairment. Some of these clients have their own vehicle and use shopmobility as well and some rely solely on the availability of shopmobility vehicles to maintain their independence.

Where does my £12 go?

When the NFSUK decided to run the national mobility register it’s secondary objective was to help its members by providing an income to them which wasn’t reliant on government funding. Since the change in management of the NFSUK back in 2014, we have since the closure of several shopmobility sites, including sites in large cities where the service need was great.

This has troubled us and we are constantly searching for ways to help our membership support themselves financially. Your £12 is part of helping that happen.

Each annual £12 paid to the Register is split between the NFSUK (to cover running costs of the website, security of the data as well as administration costs) and a shopmobility scheme (this gives them financial support to help them with the vehicle costs as well as building costs).

What do I get for my £12?

£1 a month for peace of mind. Your independence is something we know you don’t take for granted. If your scooter were to be stolen how long would it take you to be able to replace it? If the police could quickly recover and get your scooter back to you because of the traceability of the NMR unique numbering it would reduce the time you are without your vehicle. We don’t want anyone left without their independence, our register aims to prevent thefts, by acting as a deterrent and increase the likelihood of your scooter being returned if it were stolen.

I have registered and my vehicle has been stolen. Now, what do I do?

If you have had your vehicle stolen you will need to contact your local police in the first instance and report your vehicle as stolen. You can inform the police that your vehicle details are held on the NMR site and give them our web address www.nmr.org.

Secondly, you can call us 01933 229644 and give us your name, address, unique NMR number, and crime number. We will then be able to work with the police with the aim of recovering your vehicle.

You do not have to email us though it may help with tracking your vehicle. However, you MUST report any theft to your local police force to have any chance of recovery.