Scooters Stolen in Northamptonshire

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Connect FM Radio announced two mobility scooter thefts in the last 7 days. One scooter was stolen in Wellingborough and the other from Rothwell. We urge all mobility scooter owners to register their vehicle with us at the NMR so that we can help prevent the thefts and increase the chances of recovery should a theft occur.

For just £1 a month you can register your Mobility Scooter or Power Chair. This is a small price to pay for extra protection of your independence. Those who own mobility scooters no how vital they are to their everyday lives. It is the difference between getting out into the world or feeling trapped in your own home. It’s the difference between getting your own shopping or feeling like you are inconveniencing family or friends to shop for you. It’s the difference between getting your self to an appointment or having to try and get a ring and ride service to take you. It’s relying on yourself instead of relying on everyone else and that quite simply is freedom.

If you know someone with a scooter who hasn’t registered with us please let them know about us and what we do.

Mobility Roadshow 2017

The Mobility Road Show was a great event this year. Lots of positive feedback from visitors and a great atmosphere across the three days. We had a great time talking to the public about the registration service and why we are offering it as well as letting everyone know who the National Federation of Shopmobility are and who our members are.

Stoneleigh was a great venue, very spacious, ample parking right on the doorstep and the parking staff were really helpful. Inside the information, points were well positioned the eateries were set up well with wheelchair spaces at each table. The toilet facilities were great even having left and right transition on the doors so wheelchair users could choose the one which suited them best before entering.

We were situated in the Hall that contained the sports area and were able to watch wheelchair basketball and wheelchair dancing. Of course, we couldn’t resist joining in on the action for ‘blame it on the boogie’. The aisles were nice and wide allowing vehicle users to get past even if there were visitors stopped on both sides of an aisle which just made it easier for everyone to move around.

We shared the shopmobility directory magazine and the registration scheme and received some positive feedback on our members which is always nice to hear. If you visited the show we hope you had a great time and we hope to see you again next year.