Welcome to the NEW National Mobility Registration for the registration of mobility vehicles across the UK.

If you are a vehicle owner you will know the impact that losing your vehicle would have on you and your independence.

Register Now for just £12 per year (£1 a month)+£1.50 p&p for your unique tamper-proof identification label in the first year) and protect your vehicle and independence today.

Register Vehicle

This register is brought to you by the National Federation of Shopmobility. We aim to support you and the police in protecting your property, helping to reduce the risk of theft and increasing the odds of having your stolen vehicle returned to you.

Our National Federation of Shopmobility members can help you register your vehicle and issue you with your registration sticker. To find your nearest member to discuss registration click HERE

Launching the service in its pilot phase in 2015 at Littlehampton Shopmobility

Alternatively, you can register today by hitting the Register button above and we will post your unique tamper-proof identification label directly to your home.

By registering your vehicle with us, not only are you taking active steps to protect your property, but you also helping support our NFSUK members nationally. Each registration fee includes a donation to the schemes.